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moon goose experiment set up

Press conference, N`sk, the day after the eclipse, 02.08.2008
from left to right: Ljuba Beliazkaia, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Ulla Taipale, Mireia Saladrigues, Maria Farukova our translator

First conclusion

The amount of Data and footage collected during the experiment and travel is vast and, according to our first glimpse interesting, valuable and exciting. Who knows, maybe the history of moon travel needs to be rewritten.

There is a lot of work to do in order to evaluate the experiment appropriate and with adequat scientific exactitude.

moon goose experiment set upfoto: Ulla Taipale

First results can be expected beginning of 2009.

It is certain, that the experiment observations arouse lots of questions, which urge us to further investigations on the subject of Moon Geese and their flight behaviour.

Agnes Meyer-Brandis
ffUR || "research raft for subterranean reefology"