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moon goose experiment set up

Francis Godwin, lifted airbone by the mythical gansas birds. which migrate annually from the earth to the moon
source: Francis Godwin’s Man in the Moon (1038)

The Moon Goose Experiment | background information Thh

A description by Franis Godwin (1638) who was also the first to describe the sensation of weightlessness in outer space:
[...] It was now the season that these Birds were wont to take their flight away, as our Cuckoes and swallowes doe in Spaine towards the Autumne. They (as after I perceived) mindfull of their usuall voyage, even as I began to settle my selfe for the taking of them in, as it were with one consent, rose up, and having no other place higher to make toward, to my unspeakeable feare and amazement strooke bolt upright, and never did linne towring upward, and still upward, for the space, as I might guesse, of one whole hower, toward the end of which time, mee thought I might perceive them to labour lesse and lesse; till at length, O incredible thing, they forbare moving any thing at al ! and yet remained unmoveable, as stedfastly, as if they had beene upon so many perches; the Lines slacked; neither I, nor the Engine moved at all, but abode still as having no manner of weight.[...]

[...] I found then by this Experience that which no Philosopher ever dreamed of, to wit, that those things which wee call heavie, do not sinke toward the Center of the Earth, as their naturall place, but as drawen by a secret property of the Globe of the Earth, or rather some thing within the same, in like sort as the Loadstone draweth Iron, being within the compass of the beames attractive. [...]

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Francis Godwin (1562-1633) received a master’s degree from Christ Church, Oxford in 1583 and doctor of divinity in 1595. His remarkable work The Man in the Moone, or a Discourse of a Voyage thither states a belief in the Copernican system; this work probably influenced both Cyrano de Bergerac and Jonathan Swift.

moon goose experiment set upRe-entry capsula on a field back on Earth in Kazakhstan, source:

Agnes Meyer-Brandis
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