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The Moon Goose Experiment | a bio-poetic investigation

by Agnes Meyer-Brandis
short docu video of the MGE experiment,
realized in Siberia, Novosibirsk during the Total Solar Eclipse, 1st August, 2008
5 min, HD transferred to quicktime

The Moon Goose Experiment (MGE) is based on an excerpt from the book The Man in the Moone, written by the english bishop Francis Godwin in 1603. Godwin was the first person ever to describe weightlessness – long before Newton’s theory of gravity. The protagonist in the book flies to the moon in a chariot towed by gansas birds, more commonly known as geese. These special moon geese migrate every year from the earth to the Moon. The artist equips the space expedition on a sand island in the Siberian river Ob and observes the effect of the total eclipse of the Sun on the behaviour of the moon geese.

The Moon Goose Experiment is a part of Curated Expedition by moon goose experiment set up

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The Moon Goose Experiment is kindly supported by:

Tesimax (Germany) logo moon goose experiment Fire Departement Cologne

Novosibirsk Zoo

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