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moon goose experiment set upfoto: AMB

17.45 pm - 18.15 pm

The total solar eclipse was perfectly visible on a cloud free skye.
The darkness of the total eclipse caused the geese and astronaut to vanish from the naked eye of the observers

moon goose experiment set up

After the first touch, contact of moon and sun at 16.45, the geese stayed calm and Luba, the parachutist got in position. We stepped back from the evolving scene, not to disturb the geese anymore and to observe with distance.

It got darker and darker, but unlike the cameras our eyes adapted well to the changing light situation.

The geese got very silent and calm

17.46 pm total solar eclipse

moon goose experiment set up
foto: AMB

After the reappearance of the sunlight several question where raised instantly.
The most preciousone was directed to the issues of take off and landing:

Have they been away, if so: where did they travel?

MGE Realisation Report No. 1

moon goose experiment set upfoto: AMB

Luba, parachutist, after the eclipse: [..] at inexpressible beautiful moment on the island - evening paints before the pale sky, around the island the red threads of sunset, and geese around me milk- orange - I feel solitude. I to weeping. Geese cease to wave by wings, but we fly. This is a strange feeling. I think that this they bear me, but airflow hold us, smoothly they [razvorachiayut] "turned around". To me it is not hot - suit holds temperature, but it is complete not with whom to share with the sensation of flight. Everyone knows that now only I one know this secret. As to fly to the eclipse on the lunar geese. [..]

Alexander from the island talking on his mobile phone: [..] we have an astronaut on our island [..]

moon goose experiment set upfoto: AMB
Agnes Meyer-Brandis
ffUR || "research raft for subterranean reefology"