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Documentation " The Drilling Consortium" , Tromsø 13.11.08


Presentation Slides
examples of each lecture

Examples slides of Helgard Anschütz, glaciologist, Norwegian Polar Insitute NPI, Tromsø, No

Examples slides of Agnes Meyer-Brandis, artist, Researchraft FFUR, De Discover


Examples slides of Torgeir Bjelvin, senior geologist , oil company Discover, No


Curious public and lively discussion after the presentations

From left to right: Box with ice cores, Helgard Anschütz presenting an ice core , ice borehole (picture source NPI)

From left to right: Svein Pedersen, director Tromsø kunstforening & talkmaster next to Agnes Meyer-Brandis, location Tromsø Art Gallery, Svein P. talking with Torgeir Bjelvin from oil company Discover


Presentations & Discussion
videostills interdisciplinary symposia


Agnes Meyer-Brandis
ffUR || "research raft for subterranean reefology"