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moon goose experiment set up
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Stone Stories | a site specific workshop and walk in Ekaterinburg, January 30th and 31st 2009

moon goose experiment set up

I found my stone in "The Ice City" at the square of 1905 revolution. That is because it reminds me of an ice block. I thought that it was a two-hundred kilogram piece of ice building until I noticed that it had an absolutely specific cut. The stone fell down on my leg, but it didn't crack, not even one little piece separated from it.   And I decided to keep this stone as a memory because I don't have something like that falling down on my feet. I couldn't put it in the pocket or in a bag, but I could slide it because it was slippery and it was snowing. So having equipped myself with the rope, I tightly winded it round my stone and it yielded to me - it followed me where I went. People looked at us with amazement and took photos and videos of my iceberg and even the news told about us in the evening. Finally, we got home. What a miracle it was when I saw that my ice-stone didn't melt! No weather could scare my stone! I live in the Urals and I wanna have a memory of skates and sledges in the summer. Now I have my own never melting iceberg!

Stone Stories | site specific workshop in Ekaterinburg, January 09 Th

moon goose experiment set up

One day we were sitting in café and were talking about interesting thing: how should we distinguish visitors of Yekaterinburg from its inhabitants? We became thoughtful. (We had got deep in thought). We can?t go without science. We ought to invent scanner of love to the city. It ought to be comfortable, light and able to fit into a purse. We had chosen shape of glasses and constructed it.
It was complete amazement for us, when we saw pink hole around most people. It was looked like rhodonite stone. And we have remembered, that the biggest rhodonite stone is located in the historical public garden by the city dam. We have known from the internet that it is no coincidence that this stone is located there. Among city legends we have found history telling that long ago when Tatishev ( founder of the city) was looking for a place for building a new government plant, Bashkir fetisheeress show this place to him in his dream. She also advised him to put pink-coloured pebbles in the dam of city?s pond that according to folk popular belief can give health and physical power. We don?t know if Tatishev carry out this order but just in case citizens made a present of a big rhodonite stone to the city in order to make city healthy, growing and developing. It?s considered that this stone is a city heart because it is located in the "Yekaterinburg cradle" near the dam. Everyone can put hand to the stone in order to make a wish. And it surely will come true.
So it happens that every citizen is in the heart of Yekaterinburg. And a glowing hole happens to be light-keeper from city?s heart.

more stones and stories will come soon

moon goose experiment set up

Hello! Let me introduce fire opal!The human staggered by the fire opal stops reflecting upon the reality and any action (even hard and exhausting manual labour) is grasped as a play, happiness, pleasure by this person. He cuts wood when it is 30C below zero outside because it feels as if he is gathering flowers in a magic forest and there are kids running around him and he is a little God.One day we went to the theatre located in the basement of house in KGB-commune town. While we were looking for a buffet we came across a strange door and of course we felt an urge to get in there where we saw a shining stone. Sasha stared at it for too long and now you can see the results of this hidden in the basements of KGB-commune town weapon. We can put forward a hypotheses that it was brought from Mexico by the KGB officers who became aware of the total manipulative power that can be achieved by alternative methods - changing conscience by stones and notably a fire opal. But this idea was forbidden in the USSR and the government as a pro-bourgeoisie influence of the West   the stone was told to be destroyed. But the person who was in charge was too lazy to do that and he threw it into the basement of the house.


moon goose experiment set up

This stone was given to me by the honorable clowns of city. Calcite is a stone of joy, laugh and fun. A legend tells that one day inhabitants of one plane from our Galaxy arrived in our city. They saw that local citizens were walking around the city gloomy and ill-spirited and so they decided to present them with a piece of happiness and fun. In token of this decision they left a magic piece of their planet to people of Ekaterinburg. If you're approach it, it will make you feel good and your face will start smiling. The thankful people built the "temple of joy and laughter" in the honor of their guests. It looks like circus with cupola reminding a form a flying machine which aliens used to land in Ekaterinburg. This stone is kept in the circus when you come there and look at it, it will feel with joy and make all your troubles go away.




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