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CCS - Cloud Core Scanner - an artistic experiment in zero gravity

On occasion of the tenth parabolic flight campaign of the DLR (German Aerospace Center), Agnes Meyer-Brandis is venturing an expedition into 8500m altitude, in order to research the activities of aerosols under the condition of zero-gravity (Sept. 2007).
On board and being activated for the very first time are the “Cloud-Core Scanner” (CCS) and the new “ADM-Filmbox”, able to capture even the fastest among the tiniest.

The CCS is the first picture generating instrument for examining the smallest particles in the clouds’ interior – the cloud cores, so-called aerosols. The hovering water accumulations and its nucleus will be explored inside the laboratory "CCS-Flight-Sphere.
The ADM-Filmbox - animation by microgravity, is one apparatus for the creation and generation of (moving- and still-)images with scientific methods and artistic vision.




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The CCS is a sometimes weigthy and sometimes weightless perambulation, in search of reality within constructions – on the ground, in the hemisphere and inside clouds.


source: DLR

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