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moon goose experiment set up
impact crater May 16th 2009, NCCA area Ekaterinburg, Ru

Public Meteorit Watching - Impact Happening on May 16th 2009, museum night

The word “meteor” itself derives from the Greek term “meteoros” which, surprisingly, describes the condition of “floating in air,“ rather than describing the notion of something like a rock falling from the sky. This small distinction between two very different behaviors ignited our curiosity and made us investigate these beautiful and rare visitors from space.

moon goose experiment set up

Meteor Watching or Meteoring is the observation and study of celestial bodies, NEOs (Near Earth Objects) and the like with the naked eye or through a visual enhancement device like binoculars. Many meteors are more readily detected and identified by sight than by hearing (“shooting stars”), but once they enter the Earth’s stratosphere, meteor intrusions often involve a significant auditory component.

moon goose experiment set up

Impact Booklet - text for download in russian and english:
Alisa Prudnikova, curator of the project >>>> here
Agnes Meyer-Brandis, arist >>>>>>> here

The Impact Event - May 16th 2009 - NCCA Ekaterinburg

moon goose experiment set up
moon goose experiment set up

In a second step, in case we have the chance to witness the occurrence and impact of a meteor, an examination and scientific exploration of the crater by the FFUR Institute will follow. The site will be preserved, and a “Golden Crater” will be created and deciated to the public to mark a unique and monumental moment in the history of our city.

moon goose experiment set up
After the impact and the recovery of the meteorits a public "Meteorit Scanning" took place, May 16th 2009

Meteorit Scanning documentation >>>> here
Agnes Meyer-Brandis
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