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MGA control room

The Large METEOR T-R-A-P (Terrestrial-Rerouting-Array-Pad)

MGA control room
MGA control room
MGA control room

42-The Large Meteor T-R-A-P investigates the possibilities of calculating and steering a meteor safely down to Earth.
On October 7th 2008 the first meteor ever to be predicted impacted in Sudan exactly on time. Many scientists are working on Near-Earth Object (NEO) studies, such as the “NEO Survey and Deflection Study“, or the “Neoshield“. They will try to find technologies and strategies to protect the Earth from asteroids and large meteor impacts. Slow push technologies and concepts such as the “Gravity Tractor“, “Mass Driver“ or “Space Tug“ will be explored as well as impulsive deflective technologies with nuclear explosive contact.
42 is a new approach in the attempted control of meteors and their possible landing on our home planet. The technology is installed outside the city of Marrakesh, Morocco.
An array of spiral antennae, extending deep below the earth’s surface, creates a magnetic hole in the earth’s atmosphere. Passing meteors attracted to the antennae are being caught, slowed down and hopefully descend into the magnetic hole.

For some moving images of the 42 Meteor T-R-A-P- see the video below or at vimeo here

More info coming soon!
commissioned by the Marrakesh Biennale 2014 - Where are we now?

Many Thanks to:
Samya Abid, Paper Blattmacher, Jens Brand, Enric Duch, Natasha Hoare, Hicham Khalidi, Simon, Mamadou and the large Antennae Team !
Foto above: Enric Duch
Supported by IFA, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

MGA control room
MGA control room
MGA control room

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